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STAUER Mens Watch TAC-7 24569 Stainless Steel Case Black Band New Battery Works

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If you’re the man we’re looking for, then you probably already know how to fight on top of a moving train. You can likely leap from rooftop to rooftop without thinking twice. And odds are good you know that the key to surviving a jump from a moving car is all in the shoulder roll. We’ve been looking for you. Good news: We found your watch. The Stauer TAC-7 Watch craves adventure. This watch wasn’t designed for board meetings or antique shopping. It was born for a part in a blockbuster movie. Fire balls. Car chases. Expertly choreographed hand-to-hand combat against ninjas, pirates and thugs. The TAC-7 isn’t afraid of anything and this thrill-seeking timepiece needs an equally fearless co-star. Yes, my friend, the Stauer TAC-7 needs you. And for a limited time, you can bring it home for our exclusive low price! The TAC-7 is one tough timepiece. The hands and markers are luminescent for clear viewing even in dim light. And when every second counts, the accurate quartz movement inside keeps precise time. Saving the world from ultimate destruction and foiling the evil schemes of a criminal mastermind are up to you. But with the Stauer TAC-7, you get to do it on time... and in style!
  • UPCDoes Not Apply
  • MPN24569

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